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I’m using a new WordPress theme that I’ve never used before. It’s Enlightenment by OneDesigns, and I love it. Check it out, it’ beautiful, has tons of great features, you can customise it to create almost anything you want.

It’s mobile responsive, compatible with WooCommerce, mobile responsive – and it’s free!

A bit of a learning curve though. The designers explain,

Enlightenment is a powerful theme that can help you create advanced page layouts for your website, but may require a bit of mastering for beginners. Make sure to read all of the theme’s documentation tutorials to get the most out of this theme.OneDesigns

I’m definitely not a beginner and I still got stuck creating sidebars. Plus, there’s so much you can add or change it’s just mind-boggling. They provide the users with very detailed documentation,  I’ll get there  🙂

PS. One really nice thing that I like about Enlightenment: some free WP themes that have a pro, premium or whatever they call it version won’t let you change copyright in the footer area unless you upgrade.

It’s a biggie to me. I’m the creator of my content, so it’s my copyright. Additional features – fine, I agree, I’m happy to have only a few layouts to choose from, or not as many fancy widgets when I use a free version of a theme. But my content is mine by default, and I see why I should pass the right to my content to the designers of the theme.

Now, with Enlightenment, they not only let me change the copyright but – listen to this – they left the author’s of the theme unchecked

theme credit

I made sure I checked so he gets credit.

He deserves it. This theme doesn’t have a premium version but still… I could be simplified a bit, but no, the author gave us so many options, and even left his own credit unchecked  🙂

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