Good Ideas

Some people have lots of ideas but also have a problem using them in business or life. I’m one of these people. I often have a great idea and start working on it straight away but then I have another idea that sounds even better so I drop the other one, rinse and repeat.

Most often, I don’t even use the idea, just make a note and forget about it. I have a box full of exercise books with notes, and quotes, and thoughts that seemed brilliant at first. I went through those books one day looking for my notes that I need to finish a children’s book that we’re creating with Ian; some of the scribbles don’t even much sense anymore. Obviously, they were important if I wrote them down but now I simply don’t have a clue what I meant by “eagles: worms – can they see?” I remember vaguely doing research about eagle’s amazing vision but what that had to with a worm? And what did I need it for?

No idea. It’s gone.

We sometimes make a mistake thinking that we have to keep those great ideas all to ourselves just in case someone wants to steal them, and never use them anyway. I don’t mean that we have to share everything that comes to our mind, that would be silly.

But I was reading an article about writing the perfect guest post pitch, and this caught my eye

One thing I have learned over the years is that holding onto good ideas eventually just leads to a cabinet full of old tired ideas. Adam White, How To Write The Perfect Guest Post Pitch

And I thought, “that’s right, and I should write a little blog post and share this quote with my readers, and do it now because I know that if I’ll I leave it for later something else will catch my attention and I’ll never write it.”

By the way, if you want to learn about guest blogging, check this site

I haven’t tried their Guest Blogging Tracking tool but there’s a lot of good information there anyway, so if you want to learn how to write a good post for SEO or how to get thousands of visitors from just one blog post visit their blog.

And act on those great ideas you have, hey, I just did, didn’t I?




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